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    Competitive Teams

    2011 Team

    Coaches: Martin Skinner, Bruce Cardno & Greg Pearson.

    Training:  Monday & Wednesday.

    2010 Team

    Coaches: Steven Mearns, Duncan Cameron, Andrew Strachan, Craig McDonald & David Lamb

    Training:  Tuesday & Thursday

    2009 Team

    Coaches: Bruce Giles, Stephen McMurray, Shayne Fordyce, David Duncan, Gary Catto, Nikodem Jagodzinski and Neil Mitchell

    Training:  Tuesday & Thursday

    2008 Team

    Coaches: Dave Guyan, Finlay Nesbitt, Aaron Broke, Gavin Cooper and Scott Moggach

    Training:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.

    2006 Team

    Coaches: Murray Burnett and Grant McDougall

    Training:  Tuesday & Thursday

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